Accredited qualification Courses

We encourage new market entrants to the Financial Services Industry to pursue industry recognised, professional qualifications.

Divento Financials Ltd is the market leader in professional trader training, and qualification design.  Pioneering, and writing globally recognised financial trading qualifications, supported by participating institutions within the industry.

All of our qualifications have been designed to address skills gaps within the financial services industry. They are fully accredited by a Professional Awarding Body, and regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

Our trader training academy provides the opportunity to obtain a variety of employer led qualifications, covering foundation, qualification, and professional levels to achieve occupational competency.



The Advanced Diploma is accredited on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF), regulated by Ofqual.

Our course provides the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding for those wishing to work as a financial services professional.  Typical occupational roles include; Trader, Sales Trader, Broker, Portfolio Manager, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Compliance Officer, as well as numerous middle-office regulatory roles.

The qualification is the equivalent of a two year foundation degree, or a Higher National Diploma (HND), holding 32 (RQF) qualification credits, transferable into further qualification advancement.

For those who attend and pass the five week course, they will receive a recognised Ofqual certified qualification.

The course is 100% portfolio based, concentrating on the practical application of knowledge, using tier-1 front end professional trading software, with real-time data. Our aim is to qualify individuals as professionally competent, with career longevity.

Furthermore, our qualification benefits from the ability to have a Europass Certificate Supplement, and also sitting as a Level 5 qualification on the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Thus giving our qualification the ability to transcend international qualification systems.


The Diploma is accredited on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF), regulated by Ofqual.

The qualification provides an understanding of the key characteristics, mechanisms and influences on the financial markets, giving the learner a broad range of transferable skills, knowledge, and understanding through applied teaching

Typical occupational roles include; Trade Support, Sales Trade Support, Dealer Support, Back Office Administration, Portfolio Manager Support, Risk Manager support, Junior Financial Analyst, Compliance and Regulatory Administration.

For those who attend and pass the three week course, they will receive a recognised Ofqual certified qualification.

The qualification holds 18 credits on the RQF, and we are awaiting associated UCAS points for those wishing to pursue Higher Education.

This qualification also benefits from the ability to have a Europass Certificate Supplement, with the additional benefit of sitting as a Level 4 qualification on the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Thus making the qualification easier to understand across international qualification systems.

LEVEL 2 Award in Foreign Currency Handling


The Level 2 Award in Foreign Currency Handling (RQF) provides the learner with an introduction to working in a currency exchange environment.

This qualification introduces the learner to different types of currency pairs, the importance of foreign currency exchange products, and the professional working practices employed in the foreign exchange industry.

On completion of this qualification, the learner will be able to seek employment as a trainee foreign exchange cashier in a variety of settings, or you may choose to undertake further study. Qualifications you could progress to include our Level 3 Diploma in Financial Trading.


Level 5 Diploma
Dates to be confirmed


"The course offered by Divento is unparalleled in terms of the level of exposure and responsibility you are given straight from the start. All the prices and data that you are learning from are live, using the same software that the other professional traders on the floor use. The course itself is demanding, very enriching and highly immersive. There is a big focus on organisation, preparation and discipline, which is fundamental on and off the trading floor. 

Alongside learning the theory, we're given the opportunity to use this knowledge to research, plan and trade economic data releases whilst under the supervision and guidance of an experienced trader. 

I enrolled in this course during my second year of university, I am confident in saying that the skills I learnt here and the responsibilities I had to undertake were pivotal in making me stand out amongst other candidates, enabling me to secure a year-long placement at Rabobank.

I cannot thank Divento enough."
Christopher Carey.
Now working at Rabobank.

"Well, where do I start?  Firstly, it’s safe to say, it’s not like any other course I have ever been on.  It’s a course centered on hard work, dedication and a genuine hunger to succeed.  From day one, I was never portrayed an easy fix, or a magical strategy, like many other courses out there have done.  It showed me just pure cold hard facts, but if you follow and persevere, the rewards without a doubt can be immense.  The course itself is run with incredible professionalism, and with extremely knowledgeable tutors, with years of live market experience; experience you can see from the start of the course.  Personally, I cannot thank enough, my tutors, and all the traders at Divento, who I had the pleasure of meeting and who were extremely helpful and highly approachable and great at dealing with any questions or queries I had."
Faisal Chaudhry.
Now trading for Divento Financials.

"I had very little knowledge on what it meant to be a futures trader, but soon after joining the course it wasn't long until I found myself immersed in the markets!  As the classroom is based on a live trading floor, you get to experience the markets just like a professional trader from day one.  Spending time everyday on the simulators alongside professional traders was highly beneficial as they provided daily feedback on each of my trades using their years of experience.  Being in this environment also allowed me to witness every twist and turn in the market, the atmosphere was truly amazing!  Also, as someone with no background in trading or economics, I felt that the course accommodated for this with a personal level of teaching that was tailored for my needs.  Overall, this experience has helped me turn my interest in trading into a reality."
Yussef El Mansouri.

"Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to the Divento team. Before starting this course I had very little knowledge of trading. That soon changed as I was within a professional futures trading room, not only gaining a good understanding of the theoretical knowledge required, but also the practical implementation of the theory into real time decisions.

Being with Divento has been an amazing experience, everyone there has been so welcoming and friendly, and are always happy to answer any questions you might have.  It has a real family feel which is why I loved training with them.

I would honestly recommend this course to anybody, it’s not easy but it’s worth it."
Amber Hurley.

"I have attended more than half a dozen trading training courses over the last four years and spent from £500 to £5,000 per course.  All of those courses were only presenting strategies that we had to follow, but without the opportunity to try them out live as the courses were conducted at weekends.

To say that I have not learnt a few things from those courses would be incorrect, but in comparison to what I have learnt and put in practice during the 5-week intensive course from Divento Financials was phenomenal.  At last I have found a real course designed and taught by experienced traders.   

It is the first time I have researched, prepared for, and traded the release of live economic data during those 5 weeks, under the supervision of an experienced trader/coach.  This amazing course does not only teach you in depth the theory, but above all explains and demonstrates how to put it in practice. This allows you to learn how to trade the markets from the open to the close.  If you are serious about becoming a trader, then this course is head-and-shoulders above the rest of the trading courses being offered to the retail traders."
Pierre-Jean Stracuzzi.
Now trading for Divento Financials.


"I always dreamed of becoming a Trader.  However I had no idea how to start, and enter into this career.  I was given an opportunity to commence a Level 5 Advanced Diploma course in Financial Trading, with Divento Financials following an interview and a maths test.  I previously studied and enjoyed Maths, Accounting, Economics and Business Studies, so a financial trading role is extremely suited to my skill set.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and this opportunity."
Nadia Frances Pacha.
Now working at Credit Union Bank.

Executive Board Member for ABCUL (Association of Credit Union Banks)

"The course was the best thing I have ever done, and an amazing opportunity.  Before I started the course I had no knowledge of futures trading, and after five weeks, not only did I come out with a level 5 Advanced Diploma in financial trading, but also a career.  I couldn’t have hoped for a better start, with a great teacher, environment and team.  Although the course was intense it was worth every second!"
Constance Milford.
Now trading for Divento Financials.

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