SITTE is an evolutionary meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) outreach programme.


As a company we have a genuine desire to remove traditional barriers to entry into the financial services sector, widening participation and addressing social mobility issues.

Working with industry participants, Universities, Colleges and Local Authorities, SITTE sets out to address diversity and inclusion, with a proven social impact.

Through our training programme we educate disadvantaged individuals to a professionally competent standard of understanding and application in capital markets with our Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading.

The programme focuses on the knowledge, skills and behaviours as set out in the Investment Banking option of the Level 6 Financial Services Apprenticeship Standard, developed by Divento in conjunction with the likes of Barclays, HSBC, Santander, RBS, and Pimco to name but a few, as part of the Apprenticeship Standards Trailblazer process.

Additionally, our employability skills module concentrates on highly valued, industry required foundation skills, making individuals truly work ready to embark on a sustainable career within the financial services sector.


“Social mobility in the UK appears to have stagnated in recent years”.

“Statistically significant relationship between productivity and social mobility”.

Oxera report on behalf of the Sutton Trust



Working together as an industry we can create positive escalation effects on individuals, families and communities.  We encouraged you to support us in this initiative and make SITTE part of your CRS agenda. 

By offering work experience, internships or even possible full-time careers to our programme graduates, we as an industry can provide the education, opportunity and aspiration for those whom ordinarily may not have had the chance, or belief, that they could have successful careers within the financial industry.



We are not a recruitment company, so there are no associated costs for providing you with developed talent.  It is simply a case of you providing possible career opportunities.

Working with you to remove real or perceived biases in recruitment processes.

Address company skills gaps.

Support your job matching process.



We have the capacity and capability to work with you as an education delivery partner.  Through our networks we can:

Identify talent.

Unlock the latent potential of high-aptitude individuals, enabling them to generate greater value for your company and the economy. 

Achieve a more productive workforce.

If you would wish to partner with us, or find out more details please get in touch.
Contact: info@diventofinancials.com


"The impact of partaking in the Divento course can only be described as game-changing! I’m not even exaggerating, my outlook on life has changed, my mindset has changed, my work ethic has changed, I myself have changed and least importantly , my CV has changed – employers are excited to discuss what I learnt as it literally stands out on the page! The tutors are truly amazing and simply pushed me to succeed, guiding the transition of theoretical knowledge to practical trading with real-time software. This was an invaluable experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone!"

Cynthia Collins – Msc Pharmaceutical Science, 1st Class (Hons)
Outcome: Now Junior Hedge Fund Manager at BNP Paribas.

"I have found my time at Divento Financials Ltd. one of the best experiences of my life. I have learnt so many skills that will not only benefit me in my career, but also in my everyday life. It has changed the way I perceive information and I have become receptive to the slightest change. This has essentially moulded me into a better person."

Sunna Firdaus - MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering, 1st Class (Hons)
Outcome: Now Junior Hedge Fund Manager at BNP Paribas.

"The Level 5 Financial Trading course at Divento has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had absolutely no knowledge about financial trading prior to starting the course and now I have a Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading! I loved the course from the start and have felt so motivated throughout the 5 weeks, every single day. I would like to thank the Divento team as they have supported me so much throughout the course and have taught me so many important life skills."

Ravjyot Bharij - BSc Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year, 1st Class Honours
Outcome: Now on an internship with Divento Financials.

"Divento has not only changed my career path, but has changed my life. Before this opportunity I had no idea what road I was going down. Divento has helped me refine my knowledge and application of all I have learnt, guiding me to see an end goal and setting me on a path I wouldn't have found without them. The knowledge and experience I have gained since being here is exponential and is only amplified and made possible by the surrounding positive energy and dedication of all involved towards us."

Daniel Bains - BSC. (Hons) Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics (Upper Second Class)

"Divento Financials provides an amazing programme for graduates and for those interested in the financial industry. Although I found my time very challenging, I was able to persevere through and complete the programme with the support of amazing teachers and mentors. The programme allows you to witness professional traders trade, which is an opportunity that doesn't come around often. The practical application and following a traders' routine definitely helped to turn my experience around. The Divento programme is extremely valuable and anyone lucky enough to come across this opportunity should be advised to grab it with both hands."

Rachel Eziashi – Law student
Outcome: Now Compliance Officer at EGR Broking.

"I've always been hard working as I believe it is the only way to get results, however I was certainly challenged through these five weeks and coming out the other side has made me an even more driven person. I now feel like I am capable of the many more opportunities this industry has to offer.  I always wanted to be in the financial industry and now that I have diversified my portfolio my prospects are higher and I have Divento to thank for this. The course is very well managed and structured and it was always clear of what I needed to do to achieve.  My confidence has grown due to the employability sessions they provide. The career advice and guidance that Divento provide is outstanding, I know I can always contact them in the future and will be guaranteed a warm welcome. Before these five weeks I felt a bit lost about my future and I can now say that I have a clear goal and know exactly what is required to achieve this. I owe a lot to Divento and hope to remain in contact in years to come."

Acacia Taylor – BSC. (Hons) Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics (Upper Second Class)
Outcome: Now Financial Analyst at Ed Broking.